Modern set fabric corner design waterproof sofa


European Oak Origin: Northern Bavaria, Germany Characteristics: visible annual rings, strong and even structure, firm, hard, elastic, shock-resistant, weather-resistant Processing: Surface treatment with colorless natural oil to prevent discoloration

Iron There is evidence of the use of iron dating as far back as 4000 BC. Iron is one of nature’s materials. In the markets of the world today it is produced up to 50% from old metals.

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It is Friday evening and you can make yourself comfortable on the sofa, maybe enjoy a drink. The subtly formed wooden frame of FRIDAY has a back section of butt leather and the design is reminiscent of a pattern cut. Soft downy cushions lie gently in the frame.

A sophisticated technical construction of spring action and seat cushion offers superb comfort designed to lasta lifetime. FRIDAY can be produced in a great variety of woods, leathers and cushion fabrics.



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